Omaha Private Investigator Experience

Since 2005, Palladin Consulting Group, Inc.  has provided investigation services to individuals and corporations.  Unique to Palladin is the diversity of our investigative knowledge, length of combined experience, and detailed reporting process.  With over 200 years of combined investigative knowledge, our licensed and bonded investigators work closely with businesses and consumers to develop a detailed investigative plan unique to each investigation.  Criminal defense, child-custody, infidelity, business fraud, workers compensation and missing persons are a few areas of investigative success.

One of the many attributes that set Palladin Consulting Group, Inc. investigators apart from other investigators is that Palladin detectives are all former fully sworn law enforcement officers with investigative experience. This experience incudes all types of investigations from narcotics, gangs, homicides, kidnapping, sexual assault, theft, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, larceny, burglary, auto theft and crime scene investigations.  When this investigative experience is brought to bear for those accused of a criminal offense and for individuals concerned about infidelity or child custody the level of information obtained is of significantly higher quality.

Internal corporate investigations need to be concerned with the “neutrality” of any internal investigation. The criminal investigative experience that Palladin Consulting Group, Inc. brings to the organization insures a “complete, thorough, professional and neutral investigation.” Presenting an unbiased finding of facts to criminal, or civil authorities, is essential to the pursuit of restitution and retribution for corporate wrongdoing.

All investigations conducted by Palladin Consulting Group, Inc. adhere to the rule of law which insures that the rules of evidence are followed when conducting investigations and collecting evidence. Only Palladin Consulting Group, Inc. has the depth and breadth of professional law enforcement experience to insure that the evidence gathered by our investigators will be admissible in civil or criminal court for our individual and attorney clients.

Palladin Consulting Group is a member of the Better Business Bureau, The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, Association of Security Investigators, and The Nebraska Association of License Private Investigators.  Our investigators follow a strict code of ethics, and participate in continuing education seminars throughout the year to remain relevant and aware of the most recent advances in the filed of private investigations.