Infidelity Investigations


Partner infidelity is a deeply personal and painful event. We understand that, and want all of our client to know that their case will be handled with the level of professionalism, care and discretion that such a difficult situation requires.

Some clients choose to end their relationship when infidelity is confirmed, others use the opportunity to restore communication in a long-struggling relationship. Whatever your goal and intentions, the path to resolution starts with timely, high-quality information. When you know the truth, you will be empowered to make the decisions that are right for you and your future.

We encourage you to consider the “10 Signs of Partner Infidelity” listed below. If upon reflection you believe that your partner is engaging in one or more of those behaviors, we encourage you to call us immediately. We have the professional investigative team that you can trust to find out the truth.


  1. A cheating spouse tends to spend more time away from home. They make up more excuses to be away… working late, travel, etc.
  2. Look for changes in cell phone habits: Rarely answers their phone in your presence. Usually has phone on “vibrate” or turned off. Becomes overly protective of their cell phone. Always has cell phone close to them or on their person. They may even shower or sleep with it.
  3. Look for changes in computer habits: Spends odd hours or unusually long time on the computer. Changes screen display or minimizes screen when you enter the room. May have multiple e-mail accounts, and routinely erases the computer history.
  4. Lack of intimacy. A lack of (or reduced) level of intimacy with excuses such as being tired, stressed or “not in the mood”. Often resistant to being touched and pulls or moves away.
  5. Numerous, unexplained ATM or cash withdrawals.
  6. Starts doing their own laundry, or starts sending it out.
  7. Wants to travel and/or attend functions or social events alone.
  8. Joins a gym, changes diet, changes hair style, starts visiting a tanning salon, buys new clothes or lingerie. For men, may demonstrate an urge to buy a sports car.
  9. Finds fault in everything you do in order to justify the affair in their mind.
  10. Becomes unusually nice, brings you more gifts than usual and is more affectionate because of guilt feelings and time spent away.