High-risk terminations are a real issue, particularly during periods of economic downturn. Being terminated is never a pleasant experience, but today more and more companies are discovering that without pro-active plans to deal with high-risk terminations, things can go from merely unpleasant to downright dangerous.

The National Workplace Institute estimates that organizations spend $4.2 billion in lost work and legal expenses each year due to violent workplace incidents. This is not a risk your company can afford to take.

Palladin will work with you to help manage a specific termination situation, from escorting the terminated employee from the premises, to providing a security presence at the termination meeting, to conducting the termination for you if you prefer. We will ensure that the termination is handled professionally, and minimize and contain the situation if the terminated employee choses to respond with violence.

We will also work with you to develop a comprehensive corporate policy relating to violence in the workplace, proactively protecting you and your personnel. Through recurring training of supervisors, managers and directors, your company demonstrates institutional concern in this area. Failure to do so has exposed many organizations to “negligent indifference” and “failure to protect” lawsuits. We can show your people how to recognize the causative factors in workplace violence, how to spot the warning signs, how to intervene early in the process, and how to mitigate potential threats when they occur.